The CONFONET project has been implemented in the backdrop of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986.Under the provision of the Act, quasi-judicial machinery, namely, Consumer Commissions at the district level and Consumer Dispute Redressal Commissions at the State and National Level were setup. The project was initiated and an Executive Finance Committee (EFC) was prepared to provide a turnkey solution at each of the district commission, state commission & national level, including linkages with respective state and central governments.

Target Audience

The Confonet Project has been catering to a wide range of beneficiaries with disparate needs and requirements. These include:

  1. Consumers
  2. Consumer Activists and NGOs
  3. Members of Consumer Courts
  4. Bar Councils
  5. Advocates


The Confonet Project aims at serving all sections of its wide target audience through the various services offered by it.

Information on Consumer Rights and Protection

Consumers, NGOs, Consumer Rights Organizations and Consumer Activists can access information related to Consumer Rights and Consumer Protection through the Confonet Website.

Online Cause Lists

Date-wise Cause List search has been made available here. All cause lists that have been uploaded by NCDRC, various State Commissions and District Commissions can be easily accessed online.

Online Judgments

Date-wise and free-text search for copies of judgments uploaded by NCDRC, State Commissions and District Commissions can be accessed here.

Online Case Status and Case History

Case status and history of various Consumer Cases can be accessed here.

Two options for Case Status Search has been provided:

  1. Simple Search: This option allows one to obtain the case status when exact Case Number is known

  2. Advanced Search: This option allows one to search for the case status when the exact Case Number is not known. The various search criteria include Complainant's Name, Respondent's Name, Advocate's Name, Case Type etc.

Statistical Reports (For Commissions and Commissions only)

The Members and staff of the various Consumer Commissions and Commissions can access statistical reports regarding filing, disposal and pendency of cases at their respective commissions. These reports are available here.